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The Age, 21 June 2017: Haters at work and how to deal with them

If you've been over the age of 12 for five minutes you've probably noticed that not everyone is going to like you. In fact, some people will positively hate you and go out of their way to sabotage you. In life you can just leave the haters alone and hope they self-destruct, but at work they're harder to get away from. So what to do?... Read more...

The Age, 23 Jan 2016: Preserving history one stone at a time

Alistair Tune's profession dates back millennia, writes Robyn Emerson.
It's not often you meet someone who works at a profession that has been practised right across the globe, unchanged for thousands of years and whose products last for lifetimes, but Alistair Tune is such a person.... Read more...

The Age, 1 Nov 2014: Author Gretchen Rubin finds happiness by looking at herself

Writer finds key to contentment lies in finding out about herself.
"The purpose of our lives is to be happy". The Dalai Lama.... Read more...

The Age, 20 Sep 2014: Australia's temporary labour rates second highest in world

Australian employers have joined a worldwide trend towards temporary labour.
Australia now has the second highest percentage of temporary workers anywhere in the world with 3.8 per cent of our total working population employed on a temporary basis. .... Read more...

The Age, 22 Aug 2014: The James Altucher route to success

There is a new way to work an American businessman claims.
James Altucher is an American entrepreneur, investor and bestselling author whose blog attracts more than 10 million readers. He's a multimillionaire who has failed many times on the road to success.... Read more...

The Age, 24 Apr 2014: Growing Market for new enrolments leads to rises in fees

The government sector is under pressure to fund more places after enormous growth in enrolments in the past few years.
Everybody knows that private school fees have risen considerably since the GFC. Normally, according to economic practice, price increases result in reduced demand .... Read more...